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Founded in 2012, the Semer Ensemble is dedicated to music recorded by Jewish artists during the Nazi period on the almost unknown, Berlin-based Semer record label. Destroyed by the Nazis in 1938, the entire Semer catalogue of hundreds of precious, unique recordings was considered lost forever until it was miraculously rediscovered and retrieved from around the world by Dr. Rainer Lotz in the early 2000s. The Semer Ensemble has performed deeply moving renditions of this music in important venues throughout Europe and North America, and has been featured on ARTE, 3Sat, CBC and many other major print and electronic media. A brilliant artistic collaboration under the leadership of Alan Bern, the ensemble also features Paul Brody, Daniel Kahn, Mark Kovnatskiy, Sasha Lurje, Martin Lillich, Fabian Schnedler and Mark Kovnatskiy. To read the story of the the original Semer label and the Semer Ensemble and to get the lyrics and translations of the songs on our acclaimed CD, "Rescued Treasures," just click the three download links below: "lyrics," "notes" and "band." Thank you for your interest in the Semer Ensemble!

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